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Zemana AntiLogger is a key logging program that can be acted as a spyware when others install it on your computer without your knowing and consent, like Actual Spy Keylogger, and no matter what you are doing and typing on your computer will be recorded by this small and powerful application. Don't want to be monitored by others? Have a instant Zemana AntiLogger removal is necessary.
System Smart Security authoritative is defined as a rogue antivirus program that imitate those legit ones in terms of the antivirus scanner and friendly designed interface, the same to QuickHealCleaner, it is good at creating some malicious files on your computer system, and then pretend to scan your computer and state that these files are harmful threats for your computer security, it will also
Trojan Horse PSW Generic9.UCX is one Trojan horse that is able to steal the personal information such as your banking account number and password, privacy invasion is always a hot issue on the online world, any confidential information being stolen would in all probability cause the great loss for the computer users. Knowing more about Trojan Horse PSW Generic9.UCX and Trojan Horse PSW Generic9.U
Trojan.Zeroaccess belongs to the Trojan family that often spreads and updates itself through peer-to-peer networks, it can hide itself on the computer with the help of an advanced rootkit and cannot easily be detected by the users as well as those general computer security programs, and also will download additional malware, open backdoor to welcome the remote server to control your computer syst
PC Security Guardian is another fake antivirus program that share the same category with Windows Fix Disk, it is generally spread itself through the web sites that pretends itself as an online scanner, or directly install on the vulnerable computer with the help of trojan virus. To protect your computer and secure the money from being cheated to buy this rogue program, it is a must to learn the w
Windows Fix Disk is classified as a bogus disk defragmenter (also the rogue program category) that could produce the fake error messages to deceive the users that their computers really have these serious problems, and on the other hand display advertisements to lure you buying the licensed version of Windows Fix Disk. Don't be so innocent to believe what it says to you, you should remove Windows
Like AdvSearch, Adware.Zwunzi is also a bad news for any one of computer users. Everyone knows that adware can be just bad for the performance and reliability of your PC. How can you eliminate Adware.Zwunzi and protect your PC from threat attack? We've created this blog to help both users clean computer away from adware.
If you had a complete knowledge of what most Security Protection was doing to your system, you would never agree to install it. But most computer users don't aware of that Security Protection goes by contraries. This is because it always pretends itself as legitimate software with normal interface as other anti-virus programs like Zentom System Guard. Bad news is that Security Protection is actua
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